Monitor Boys

About the Campaign

The Monitor Boys Campaign is an effort to honor the officers and crews of the ironclads USS Monitor and CSS Virginia. Your $10,000 pledge to the USS Monitor Center may be paid over a five-year period in $2,000 installments. If you wish, you may sponsor one of the sailors aboard either the Monitor or Virginia. An exhibit will be created in the USS Monitor Center at The Mariners’ Museum to share the stories of the men of these ironclads. All Monitor Boys Campaign contributors will be acknowledged in this interactive display.

The USS Monitor and CSS Virginia spawned a new era in warship construction. These two experimental vessels’ impact on naval warfare has been well-recognized. The time has come to equally honor the service of the officers and crews of these legendary ships. They were iron men aboard iron ships who made history. These were men who could proudly claim, “I fought in Hampton Roads.” This statement, according to CSS Virginia crew member William Norris, was “an open sesame to the hearts and minds of all our own countrymen. Ah! The thrilling memories of those halcyon days!”

USS <em>Monitor</em> officers, on deck

USS Monitor officers on deck